Monday, November 29, 2010

JBoss AS 6.0 CR1 released

JBoss AS 6.0 CR1 was released last week and I'm bit late on writing this blog :) I'll briefly summarize what 6.0 CR1 contains, mainly from EJB3.1 point of view.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry, this latest release of AS now has support for EJB3.1 spec mandated JNDI naming scheme for EJBs. It also contains various bug fixes in JBoss EJB3 implementation that were reported by the community in the previous versions of JBoss AS. We are now left with just a couple of EJB3.1 features - support for EJB3.1 Embedded and a full fledged support for EJB3.1 @Asynchronous invocations. These 2 features will make it to 6.0 Final version of JBoss AS, which is planned during December 2010.

Apart from EJB3.1, the other set of new features and bug fixes in 6.0 CR1 have been listed here. Shelly has blogged about this release and the upcoming 6.0 Final release here.

So go download the latest release and give it a try. As usual, feel free to report any issues (so that they get fixed in 6.0 Final) in our user forums. Some useful links are provided below:

JBoss AS Download page :

JBoss AS user forum :

JBoss EJB3 user forum :

JBoss AS JIRA (bug tracking system) :