Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Upcoming JBoss AS7 webinars - highly recommended

JBoss AS7 has almost arrived! For those of you who haven't been following the latest news about JBoss AS7, here's a quick overview JBoss AS 7.0 CR1 will be released sometime this week and then the Final version will be released within a couple of weeks after that.

AS7 is drastically different from the previous versions of JBoss AS, even when it comes to the directory layout and how deployments are managed. Furthermore, it now has inbuilt support for managing multiple servers as a "domain". Developing against AS7 is vastly more productive than the previous versions, since AS7 now boots in just around 3 seconds. There are lots of other features and changes, like a new feature-rich admin console, a lightweight command line client and much muhc more.

Naturally, with these many changes and the nature of these changes, it becomes important that we demonstrate these new features and explain each of them to our users. As such, we have arranged for Webinars around JBoss AS7 in the coming week (June 29 2011 to July 1 2011).

For any JBoss AS user or enthusiast, I would strongly recommend that you register for these webinars and see what's new in AS7. Registration is simple and just requires a email address, to which the demo/live meeting details will be mailed. To find more details about the Webinars, take a look at

Complete details of available webinars :

JBoss AS7 - Next generation EE6 programming : Register here 

JBoss AS7 - Management & Clustering : Register here

Furthermore, if you are in Asia, there's a Asia timezone friendly timing of the Webinars:

JBoss AS7 - Next generation EE6 programming (Asia timezone) : Register here

JBoss AS7 - Management & Clustering (Asia timezone): Register here