Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WildFly 8.0 CR1 release and WildFly 8 book

I guess by now everyone is aware that the community JBoss AS server has been renamed to WildFly. The WildFly team has been busy pushing out releases of the 8.0 series during the past few months. It's been a month now since the 8.0 CR1 version of WildFly was released. This is a significant release since the 8.0 CR1 version passes the Java EE7 TCK 100%. The Final version of 8.0 is expected any time soon

Along with this good news about the WildFly 8.0 series nearing the final version, the other good news is that there's now a WildFly 8 administration guide available for purchase. The author of the book is Francesco Marchioni, who in the past has authored books on the JBoss AS series.

Brief review of the WildFly 8 book


The WildFly 8 book by Francesco is aimed at admins and does a good job of covering various administrative configurations for each of the major subsystems that form a part of the WildFly server. The author starts by covering the basics, from installation of the server and goes on to give an overview of the standalone and domain modes of the server. He then goes on to extensively explain each of the major subsystem administration configurations, like the new web subsystem which is backed by Undertow. There's also chapters on EJB and clustering configurations.

Francesco does a good job of covering the major subsystems and also keep the content concise. I found the book to be a good read from an administrator point of view. There are certain tidbits for developers too, but the book is mostly aimed at admins. If you are looking for some book to give you a quick and extensive overview of the subsystems in WildFly, then this is worth it.