Saturday, July 12, 2008

SyntaxHighlighter - Great and simple to use javascript utility

This had been on my todo list for a long time now. I finally got the SyntaxHighlighter integrated in this blog.

Most of my posts in this blog include java code or xml content. And i always used to spend most of my time formatting the way the java code was rendered in the blog. I wont have to worry about that anymore. I am very much impressed by this excellent yet simple piece of utility! I have edited some of my earlier posts in the blog to make use of the SyntaxHighlighter. Editing wasn't a big deal. It was as simple as adding a "name" and "class" attribute to the "pre" tags.

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S R said...

I implemented SyntaxHighlighter in my blog, I'm getting text formatted with numbers, but with no color highlighting !! What ll be the probable cause ?

See my first blog, which shows the resulted code blog,