Thursday, August 18, 2011

JBoss AS 7.0.1 released!

JBoss AS 7.0.1 "Zap" has been released today. It's been one month since AS 7.0.0 was released, so this new release has come in quick time. This new release includes a lot of bug fixes (135 issues in total) that have been mainly reported in the community. Apart from the bug fixes the major features/additions to 7.0.1 are as follows:

* Better JPA integration and plug-ability

As many of you might already know, AS 7.0.0 came bundled with Hibernate 4 version. Users could still package Hibernate 3 within their application and use it. But many users reported issues with Hibernate 3 bundled within their application. Moreover, 7.0.0 did not have a way to allow other JPA implementations (like EclipseLink) to be integrated. As such, major changes were implemented in 7.0.1 to introduce better JPA plug-ability. The JPA reference guide for AS7 is good place to look at the details.

* MDB support

AS 7.0.0 had 2 distributions. One, a purely "web-profile" certified distribution which included EJB3.1 "Lite" support (as mandated by webprofile spec). The other distribution (named "everything") had some more features in addition to "web-profile". EJB3.1 "Lite" doesn't include MDB support. So in AS 7.0.0 we didn't have MDB support. Many users in the forums asked for MDB support to be included in the near future. We decided that it would be good to include it in 7.0.1 and as such, we now support MDBs in the "everything" distribution of 7.0.1. We have had some very good community feedback, on the MDB support, while the development was in progress. So thanks to that feedback, we were able to fix some issues with MDB integration, right in time for the 7.0.1.

So try out the MDB support available in the "everything" distribution of AS 7.0.1 and let us know how it goes.

* EJB3 pool configurations

AS 7.0.0 had hardcoded pool configurations for Stateless session beans. There wasn't a way to configure the pool for the beans. In AS 7.0.1 we have introduced a way to configure pools for Stateless session beans and MDBs. We also allow disabling pools for both Stateless session beans and MDBs. Disabling pools benefits in some cases where the bean construction isn't heavy (like not much in @PostConstruct etc...). I'll blog more about the EJB3 pool configurations in a separate post.

* Ability to bundle application specific JSF version

Users can now bundle their own version of JSF in their applications.

7.0.1 (and AS7 in general) has had a huge community feeback and contribution. A lot of the issues that have been fixed, have been raised by our community members. A big thanks to them for helping us all along, towards AS7 efforts!

As always, give the new release a try and let us know how it goes. We are always looking for inputs to make AS7 better. Report any issues or ask for help in our user forum

I plan to write some more posts around 7.0.1 in the coming days. Also, keep a watch on other blogs from JBoss AS developers and community members around AS7.     



AdamM said...

If only 7 supported EJB 2.1 beans in any way, shape or form then I'd be able to try it out.
Even with AS6 (with 6.1.0 due out this week) the only way to get them working is by deliberately removing dtd and xsd schema information out of the jboss.xml and duplicating entity bean information that is already available in the ejb-jar.xml
For those of us with large existing deployments, the lack of backwards compatibility of jboss from 4-5-6 and now 7 is a serious issue in doing any kind of migration.

Jaikiran said...

Hi Adam,

EJB2.x support is planned for 7.1 version which is scheduled later this year. If there are other non EJB2.x applications that you could try out now, please do so. We would like to sort out any potential issues as early as possible.

As for JBoss AS 6.1.0, it has already been released this week I'm not sure why you would require changes to your deployment descriptors on JBoss AS6. If you are running into some issue, could you please open a discussion here so that we can see what's wrong?

AdamM said...

you mean like this one:

or this one:

and today i'm running into issues with the commonj WorkManager implementation I'm using clashing with the EJB3 timerservice bundled with AS6 (Work is getting submitted via the commonj WorkManagerService but never ends up being delivered to the EJB that has the resource declared, looks similar to this issue:
but with the deployment succeeding and all issues with the injection of the WorkManager as a being silent. Working on an example of the issue atm, but i'm sure this will end up being posted also

jatinsutaria said...

Is there any way before we get to 7.1 that we integrate support for 2.1 ejb's. If yes I have many and
configuration entries in jboss.xml. Can these entries be reused in 7.0.1?

Jaikiran said...

Support for EJB2.x is not yet available. We are targeting it for 7.1 release (or some Beta version before that).

jatinsutaria said...

Is there a target date for 7.1 (or a beta) release?

Jaikiran said...

Keep an eye on the roadmap

Unknown said...

Hi Jaikiran,

I have some query what is the name of jboss.xml in Jboss-as-7.1.1 and

there is no "" dtd file is there in jboss-as-7.1.1

so please suggest me what i do?

Unknown said...

Hi Jaikiran,

I have some query if you have some time please help me
1. What is the name of jboss.xml in Jboss-as-7.1.1
but there is no dtd file is there in jboss-as-7.1.1


Jaikiran said...

@Vivek, AS7 doesn't support jboss.xml. You'll have to use jboss-ejb3.xml. The xsd for that is available in the JBOSS_HOME/docs/schema folder in your downloaded binary.

Jaikiran said...

You might also want to take a look at this migration guide