Sunday, October 07, 2012

JBoss AS is being renamed

Those of you who missed this year's JavaOne event and still haven't heard about it, here's some news that all JBoss AS followers should be aware of - your favourite application server, JBoss AS, is being renamed.

JBoss AS or just JBoss, as we have all called it since the 3.x days will now be called something else. The reasons for the rename have been explained in this "Why rename JBoss AS, FAQ?". Mark Little has blogged about the this rename in his posts here and here. Read through those pages to understand what's being proposed.

So what's the new name going to be for the JBoss AS project? We don't know yet. In fact, the name will be picked by the community. Everyone is allowed to submit a name of their choice and those names will go through a voting process and one out of those names will be chosen. So if you can think of a name for JBoss AS then go suggest it here before the 14th of this month. Don't leave it for later, this is your chance to be known as the one who chose the new name!

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